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SNES Classic Mini Recreation Hits the Shelves

The SNES Classic Mini is due to go on sale in the UK on the 29th September. The console has been eagerly anticipated since it was announced back in June, with many electronic stores and online stores offering customer the chance to pre-order it.

The SNES Mini is a remake of the original console, but smaller. It has 21 games loaded onto it that hark back to the 90s. The whole concept is designed to play on nostalgia and take people back to their childhood memories.

The console is small enough to hold easily in one hand and much of the original design will still be in tact, including the power and reset buttons. Two controllers come with the console, which are attached using a USB.

You will be able to side scroll through the selection of games, all popular titles that will bring back lots of memories. Games include Donkey Kong Country, Final Fantasy III and Super Mario World.

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