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What you Need to Know from Paris Games Week

Paris Games Week was held by Sony this week. The event is a platform for the gaming corporation to make new announcements and introduce now games to fans all over the world. There were lots of new announcements, certainly – but they were all rather vague. Did we learn a lot about what is actually going to be happening? No, not really… but here is what we did find out:

  • Microsoft is going to be pushing virtual reality technology going forward. Megalith, an otherwise fairly standard shooting game, is going to be released for PSVR sometime in 2018.
  • The Hong Kong Massacre will be released for PS4 in 2018. We don’t have many details of this game, but it looks to be similar to Hotline Miami.
  • Concrete Genie is coming out next year as well. It has a slightly different angle and is essentially an adventure game, featuring a teenager living in a world of monsters.
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