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Microsoft To Release The Xbox One Without Kinect

As part of a new strategy, Microsoft have announced they will be releasing the Xbox One console without the Kinect. As part of their original strategy they where adamant that this was never going to be a consideration. Especially as over 80% of Xbox One owners actively use the over 120 different gesture and voice controls on a daily basis.


Microsoft are looking to sell this bundle at around $399 which is a fraction cheaper than their newly dubbed “premium bundle”. Even though the Kinect is still an integral part of Micorsoft’s overall Xbox vision but will be offering the next gen console without one. This may be in response to the PS4 doing exceptionally well since release.

Don’t worry you wont be penalised for not having a Kinect as Xbox will also provide Kinects for retail should you choose to purchase one at a later date. It has been said that this was in response to customer requests.

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