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Xbox One Gamepad vs PS4 controller

As the Xbox and Playstation start another fierce rivalry with the release of their consoles, so too do their controllers or gamepads.

Like the previous Playstation controller, the Dual Shock 4 is relative easy to get used, to, and it’s slightly larger than its pervious controller, which is something many Sony fans have picked fault at in the past.

It’s most noteworthy feature is a central clickable touchpad, while it’s in easy reach and very comfortable to use. The Xbox One controller is pretty much the same as the Xbox 360 gamepad, it fits extremely comfortable into your hand, while the Xbox button is placed slightly higher, in a more suitable position. Following this, the triggers have a bit more spring, and if you were driving a vehicle, the acceleration is a lot easier to control.

Both controllers have had some improvements, but we feel the touchpad may take the championship this year round, but then again don’t take our word for it.


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