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Playstation 4 vs Xbox One: The controller

It might sound small, but for those play a lot on their consoles you will spend a lot of time with a controller in your hand – and it adds a lot to the decision making process.

The Xbox One controller boasts hundreds of improvements over the Xbox 360 controller, Microsoft’s previous, popular console. Improved rumble, improved grip and improved trigger buttons make this Microsoft’s most comfortable control ever.

The Playstation 4 control is Sony’s strongest offering as well. Talking to developers and gamers Sony has listened to hundreds of pieces of feedback to create the Playstation 4 control. It offers improved grip on the handles, longer battery life and a touch panel for easy navigation of menus. It also comes with programmes on the Playstation 4 to show off the various capabilities.

Additional controllers will set you back around £40 or $50, so it’s not a decision to be taking lightly this Christmas period.


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