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Console Launch Rumors: 10M PS4s, 7-9M Xbones

It’s now lower than three months until November, the month Microsoft has tied to the launch of its next-generation console, the Xbox One. Rumors have even begun to surface this week that Sony may launch its PlayStation 4 even earlier. The buzz surrounding the brand new consoles is extreme, and it sounds as if this autumn will see two of the most important console releases in history.

Taiwanese publication DigiTimes today reported that demand for both the PS4 and the Xbox One are holding steady, despite launch-day console pre-orders being sold out. The reports unnamed sources from component manufacturers are cited as stating both Microsoft and Sony have ordered more components for manufacture in September and October. More orders for November and December are expected, in response to significant pre-order numbers. Orders for next year are expected to stick high next year besides, because the console makers expand their launches to more countries.

The sources went directly to provide estimates for launch console numbers that appear almost unbelievable. The estimates place PlayStation 4 launch console units at 10 million, and Xbox One launch console units at 7 to 9 million. If accurate, these numbers would mean both Sony and Microsoft will sell more consoles in a single day q4 than Nintendo has sold of its slow-selling Wii U console in a whole year.

A survey last month put the demand for the PlayStation 4 before the Xbox One. The survey was of gamers in both the U.S. and Europe, with the demand within the U.S. shown to be slightly closer between the consoles.

(via DigiTimes)

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