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The Witcher: Russian literary movement to gaming megastar

One of the most popular series of books to come out of Poland is The Witcher; a series of books about a white haired man named Geralt of Rivea. The series focuses on the ever changing fantasy world, as it becomes more modern and advanced. Geralt is a witcher; a man with great powers tasked with killing monsters that plague the land. As the world becomes more stable, however, his work begins to get scarce and suddenly Geralt finds himself drawn into battles of politics.

So rich was that world that The Witcher game series was born. It’s a beautiful game, and expertly crafted and written to force players to make choices at every step of the way. The Witcher prides itself on moral grey areas; there are no right and wrong decisions. But whatever you choose you have to be prepared to live with the consequences of your actions.

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