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The PS4 Console and Games Review for 2014

PlayStation 4 is a game console from Sony Computer Entertainment. The game console had great success in the gaming market in 2014 having sold over 10 million pieces. The growing demand for the game has been fuelled by the continued release of creative and entertaining games for the PS4. You can join the fun by a new game or save on your cost by considering pre-owned PS4 games.

The Game Console

The PS4 game console was launched in November 2014 with major upgrades from its predecessor – PS3. PS4 is slicker, has a faster processing unit and provides more opportunities for shared and social gameplay. If you are still on the PS3, it may just be time to upgrade by purchasing new or pre-owned ps4 games. Another major advantage of the PS4 is its capacity to interact with other gaming and non-gaming devices through PlayStation Now. Through this feature, players can play games stored remotely online by streaming the games live to the PlayStation game console. There are also PlayStation Apps available that can be downloaded to smartphones and other computing devices and these apps enable playing PS4 games using these devices for alternative screens. PS4 also has PlayStation Vita’s design that provides for remote gaming on wireless technology.

Top PS4 Games for 2014

2014 has seen a release of over 100 games for PS4 comprising of all types of games and puzzles. There are many creative, fun, exciting and adventurous games and picking out the top games can be quite a challenge. However, below are just 4 of the more popular 2014 games worth considering.

• Diablo 3 – Reaper of Souls – This is a great 2014 release of the Diablo series. The game is designed by Blizzard and the new game version comes with an Adventure Mode that enables you to open up 25 missions. With each mission come new challenges and new enemies to conquer. If you have played earlier versions of Diablo game, then the “Reaper of souls” takes the game into a whole new level.

• Watch Dogs Game of Phones – The Watch Dogs game from Ubisoft is yet another popular PS4 game for 2014. The game has a great collection of missions, games and puzzles that will keep you gaming late into the night. The game is based in Chicago and is in a futuristic context. In the game, the state’s Central Operating System (COS) interconnects almost all electronic and digital systems including smartphones, ATM machines and private webcams. The games character, Aiden has hacked into the COS and is using the information as he wills. The game is full of adventure and puzzle and is a very popular PS4 game.

• LittleBigPlanet 3 – This is yet another major PS4 game that sold much in 2014. The game main character Sackboy is journeying with three other of his friends and encounters much on his journey. Hope onto this great adventure by playing this latest release of LittleBigPlanet.

• Need for Speed: Rivals PS4 – The Need for Speed game series has not yet disappointed even with its 2014 release of Rivals. It has a great multiplayer experience and for those who love the car games, this is a great game to consider. The 3-D imagery has really been improved and there are more exciting twists and turns. The speed is also great and calls for much concentration. You can also choose to be the ‘bad guy’ and focus on ramming into those fast drivers to kill their joy – the choice is yours.

There are many more great games available for the PS4 and you can new or pre-owned ps4 games in order to enjoy this great entertainment.

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