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Oxenfree The Supernatural Adventure game

Earlier in the year Steam released a Supernatural adventure game called Oxenfree, it’s not like any indie game you would have played before unless of course you have already played it. It’s more of a weird amalgamation of elements from 1980’s teenage horror classics, such as poltergeist, goosebumps, and more.

You play as Alex who travels to Edwards island with her new stepbrother, and a group of friends as part of a college seniors tradition, for an overnight party. Nothing bad has happened on the island before, and it’s only when start nosing around and discover a ghost rift and unwittingly open it unleashing unimaginable horrors; the gate is something left over from the Islands cryptic past, from when it was used as a military base.

Together you have to deal with weird events, your peers, ominous creatures as you navigate the game to solve mystery’s about the games dark past; how you play the game and solve the mysteries is up to you though.

The game is also coming soon to PS4, which is promising to have more game-play than the steam version, and even alternate endings and new scenes added to the game, so keeps your eyes open for this in the days to come.

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