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No Man’s Sky; The game for 2016

No Man’s Sky will take gaming to the next level; moving away from randomly generated environments to procedurally generated environments that are generated around players as each user plays the game their way, wherever they go. Players may cross paths with other players who are sharing the same space in the vast seemingly infinite universe on their own individual quests; though each player starts off in their own solar system, and moves closer to each other as they head towards the centre of the universe.

Each player will be able to explore the infinite galaxy and make and adventure or discovery their own. When competing with other players, you can be the first player to discover a new species as you explore the vast universe, and you will always be able to discover something others have not, because of the vast endless universe of over 18 quintillion planets.

You can name the creatures you discover and also kill them when you find them, but they may be permanently destroyed for that world if you do; each creature created has a base model, and there are several categories for those creatures, and using maths the creatures can be morphed into different variations of the same base model for any particular planet. All the terrain is also procedurally generated the moment a player discovers that world and the level of detail increases the closer they get to the surface of that planet; everything is thrown away and destroyed the moment you move away from it as the level of detail becomes less and less for that place. Though it is all regenerated and materialised around the player exactly the same as it was before when they were last there.

So some pretty exciting stuff ahead, and to add to that the game has secrets that are waiting to be found…

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