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Dead Rising 4 – Out Now on PS4

Dead Rising 4 was initially released in 2016, for Xbox One and Windows. It didn’t quite receive the same reception as other Dead Rising games, but that’s not to say it wasn’t good. Now that it’s available on PlayStation 4 as well, it might get some more appreciation.

Dead Rising 4 is highly satirical, laughing at itself and the consumer society we live in. Players take on the character of Frank West, who needs to kill zombies and the undead.

The game has some interesting features. One allows players to create custom weapons using everyday objects, like lawnmower blades and baseball bats. These can be used with nails to create a studded bat. You can also create more intricate weapons, like something resembling a lightsaber.

The version for PS4 now includes all previous content, as well as a new feature called Capcom Heroes. This gives players new bonus outfits and adds a new comical level to the story.

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