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Company of Heroes 2: The perfect sequel?

Way back in 2005, the sadly defunct, THQ greenlit a project from a company called Relic Entertainment – the people behind games like Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War and the legendary Homeworld games. That game would go on to become Company of Heroes; a beautiful, strategic and visceral real time strategy game about World War II.

The game released to massive success; huge sales with great reviews from websites and journalists all over the world and, until recently, still drew huge numbers of players. That is, until, Company of Heroes 2 was released. When THQ went bankrupt Sega picked up Relic Entertainment and greenlit a sequel to Company of Heroes. The second game hasn’t attracted the same player base the original did though; thanks largely to the confusing structure of the downloadable content the game has released so far; with over 50 individual pieces of DLC released so far – ranging from missions, to armies and full blown expansions.


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